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Five Books for St. Patty’s Day

Here are my quick picks for Saint Patrick’s Day. Stay tuned as I will be giving one of these books away on the 17th to celebrate!


Tales From Old Ireland - Barefoot BooksTales from Old Ireland

Irish author Malachy Doyle upholds the rich traditions of Irish storytelling with seven enchanting tales. Larger-than-life characters, myths and legends around every bend, and plenty of magic all celebrate the wonder of Ireland.

Award winning, Irish artist Niamh Sharkey illustrated Tales of Old Ireland as well as bestsellers The Gigantic Turnip and Jack and the Beanstalk.

“Traditional tales, such as ‘The Twelve Wild Geese’ (which parallels the structure of the Brothers Grimm’s ‘The Six Swans’) and a Cinderella retelling, ‘Fair, Brown and Trembling,’ share space with some highly original individuals and all retain a lyrical turn of phrase” – Publishers Weekly

Tales from Old Ireland is a bestseller and winner of the Parents’ Choice Gold Award. It comes with two story CDs narrated by Grammy-nominated Irish born folk singer, Maura O’Connell.

The short stories make great read-alouds for all ages (there’s even a pronunciation key for proper names for easier reading!) But they are also perfect for older readers about 8 years and up.


Tales for Celtic Lands - Barefoot BooksTales from Celtic Lands

Many Irish folk and fairy tales stem from the Celtic tradition, and author Caitlín Matthews shares some of these magical stories along with a mix of traditional blessings and poems in Tales from Celtic Lands. The stories in this selection illustrate the Celtic people’s belief that magic was infused in the everyday world, and Olwyn Whelan’s watercolor folk illustrations, with their illusion of texture, are a perfect complement.

This anthology features six traditional stories, along with single-page blessings and songs of the Celtic peoples from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany. Each tale is accompanied by origin notes and a Celtic pronunciation guide. The book also include two story CDs narrated by Irish actress Niamh Cusack.

“The six tales included here are rich in mythic meaning and written in a lively style that begs to be told or read aloud” – School Library Journal

Random Fact: Matthews and Whelan also partnered for the bestselling The Barefoot Book of Princesses.


Laura and the Leprechauns

Laura and the Leprechauns

Written and illustrated by Amber T. Kingston, this 32-page picture book is about a girl who has always believed in the existence of leprechauns until one day her friends tell her she’s wrong. Determined to find the truth she writes to the wee magical folks. Then, on St. Patrick’s Day two tiny and mischievous leprechauns answer her letter and stop by for a visit!

This is a great read for children between the ages of 5 and 8. The simple-to-understand text and beautiful illustrations will make this book a favorite and is a perfect story to read on St. Patrick’s Day, whether you’re Irish or not.





O'Sullivan StewO’Sullivan Stew

Written and illustrated by Hudson Talbot, this tale is based in Ireland and naturally makes a fun St. Patty’s Day read. I love the illustrations in this book and think you will too!

When the local witch turns her rage on the village of Crookhaven Kate O’Sullivan talks her father and brothers into following her brilliant idea for saving their village. But her plan lands them in even bigger trouble, this time with the king himself. With the luck of the Irish going for her, and just a bit of blarney, Kate bargains with the king for their freedom. An adventure in the fine art of Irish storytelling, Kate must tell the King a good story.





St Patricks Day Children's Book St. Patrick’s Day

This wouldn’t be a proper St. Patty’s Day book list if I didn’t include one that told the history of St. Patrick.  

This simple and easy to understand picture book goes over the life of St. Patrick, some of the myths and legends surrounding him, and how we celebrate his day on March 17th.

Really, a perfect introduction for your young reader. Written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons.